Lighting Up The Night

We had a flash fiction piece published today over at Wolf Publishing.

Lighting up the night

“That is a sky full of promises,” she said.

Up ahead we saw dark clouds, heavy and threatening and creeping slowly in our direction. We were walking through fields ringed by woodland, heading towards an old stone tower that rose high from the hill above us.

“The promise of a ruined afternoon, you mean”. I climbed a style and held out a hand to steady her as she followed.

“Oh, you’re thinking too small. So what if we get wet. Think of how these trees will smell after a bit of rain. Think of the feel of wet grass under your feet. A little bit of rain is just what we need. It’s too warm and close. Think of how clear and bright tonight will feel after the air has been washed clean.”

“And think of how damp my trousers will be. Why do I let you drag me out like this?” Into my arm she gave a little playful punch. I pulled a face back at her.

“Oh, you don’t even mean that. A little water never hurt you. Water is everything. Think about all those dumb old Science Fiction movies you like? Where the aliens come travelling across the universe, fleeing their dead planet, seeking out our plush, green Eden? And what is the thing they’re looking for? It’s water. Everything is about water.”

“It certainly is,” I said. “It certainly is,” and we carried on walking.

Later on, a strange thing happened. Just as the sun dipped down below the horizon and the sky took a turn towards the grey, so it started to rain. First in tiny drops that blew in on the breeze, then in a slow, insistent drizzle.

And it did make the trees smell wonderful.

And it did make the air feel clean and the night brighter somehow.

But more than that, it collided and landed on the power lines that towered beside us as we turned back towards the town. And it made them buzz and fizz, and it made them hum out a low sonorous note not unlike the song of the theremin, the sound of a UFO landing, or an alien invasion.

“Do you hear that?” I asked her, and took her in my arms.

“I do indeed. What do you think we should do?”

“I think it’s about time you took me to your leader,” I said.

After that I don’t know if she said anything at all. I was too busy kissing her.


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