House Story

This old house has cracks all over the place
Across the ceiling
Up some of the walls
All over the place
We had a surveyor come to look them over before we bought it
He said they were nothing to worry about
“Just the leftovers from some historical shift”
He said it so casually. “Historical shift”
As though things that happened in the past
Are not worth worrying about anymore

When we first moved in we found
Cigarette burns on the carpets
A scratch down one of the doors
And a crack in a window pane
Just as though someone had fallen against it
Or thrown something at it
All these scars from incidents or accidents
The house still remembers
But we don’t know anything about.

Some of these cracks are well hidden
So they’re easy to ignore or to miss
If you don’t know what you’re looking at.
We have them all covered up
With paint and plaster
And pictures and wallpaper
Some of them, though, are too wide
And too deep to disguise like that
They are obvious for everyone to see
No matter what we do to try and hide them.


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