The last master of Dunoran

Higher than a man could reach
Higher than a man could leap
A rust coloured stain on the plaster of a wall

Not a mark from the weather
And not a strange vein of mould
It is nothing, no, nothing so lucky as those

A splash of old brains and blood it is
Where the skull of the squire was crushed
By the hand of the devil in a furious rage
As the midnight bells rang out

Marked there for a hundred years now
And marked there for a hundred more
No human hand will clear it, and no rain will wash it off

The last master of Dunoran
The last of the Sarsfield kin
He’ll never leave this place now. Not while these stones still stand.


‘Sir Dominick’s Bargain’ is Chapbook number one of four volumes published by the Olgada Press.

To read all four for free, please visit us at Amazon, Smashwords, ibooks, or Barnes and Noble.



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