The Shorecliff Horror and Other Stories


The Shorecliff Horror and Other Stories.

Three new weird tales by Rufus Woodward available now to read for free at Smashwords, iBooks, or Barnes and Noble.

Three tales of loneliness and lost love, of impossible people and the weird creatures that live in forgotten places.

The Shorecliff Horror

I first moved into Shorecliff House on a bright, warm morning in early April. When I moved out again in the November of that same year, there were clouds gathering on the horizon and an icy wind threatening to rise from the North. In between those two days, I emerged from one nightmare only to fall right into another one.

The Impossible City

As it reaches out to pull him closer, Solomon recoils away a spark of dread flying through him. He feels a smile spread across the creature, a sickening, gleeful grin of delight that fades back into the darkness as it drifts slowly away.

“Not now,” he hears a low voice whisper, “but soon. Soon.”

Philippe and the Silver Flute

Somewhere in his mind, wearied though it was by his long trek, a voice called to him. A gentle voice, small but persistent, that called repeatedly, telling him to give up his journey now, to turn around and return home. Philippe listened to the voice, sitting on that rock for a long time while a light rain began to fall and the dark shape of the castle hovered black and insistent ahead of him. He listened to the voice until its words died away and he was left alone once more on the silent moor. Then he packed his bag together again and continued his journey.

The Shorecliff Horror and Other Stories’ is one of four chapbooks published by the Olgada Press.

Now available to read for free at Smashwords, iBooks, or Barnes and Noble.


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