The Ghost in the Hill – available now

5There are haunted places. There are haunted books. There are haunted people. There are haunted friendships.

Three new strange tales from the author of ‘The Old Maid‘, and ‘The Shorecliff Horror‘. Available now for preorder in advance of publication on 28th October.

The Book Cellar – “The old woman wasn’t very nice or anything, but she was only a book seller, so far as I knew. And nothing really bad could ever happen to you in a bookshop, could it?”

Eleanor’s Diary – “If I could just for a second feel that she was here with me, I think I’d take it. No matter how delusional, no matter how crazy I’d have to be to feel that way, I think it would be worth it. Maybe you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to lose that feeling? Maybe a little bit of delusion is what we need sometimes?”

The Ghost in the Hill – “All I’m saying is that I need to find the best story I can. I need to find it quickly, and I need to tell it as well as I can. Everything depends upon that. Everything.”


One thought on “The Ghost in the Hill – available now

  1. I have just read Ghost in the hill, it’s just brilliant, I didn’t want the stories to end . So thank you Mr Woodward for the amazing read.


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