‘The Ghost in the Hill’ is here

Happy to announce that our new book ‘The Ghost in the Hill’ is now available to download from the kindle store.  Take a look here. I hope you enjoy it.

There are haunted places. There are haunted books. There are haunted people. There are haunted friendships. Dark, uncanny, and fantastical, The Ghost in the Hill is a book of strange tales to keep you company through a long winter’s night.

Three friends come together to spend a evening sharing ghost stories around a fireplace. Each story reveals a secret, and a mystery they have been haunted by for a decade threatens to overwhelm them all completely.

A curious entry in an old diary seems to contain a message from the dead. What do you do? Close that chapter once and for all, and never look back again? Or follow where the message leads you, no matter how strange a place that might be?

Bookshops are usually such safe places. Not this one. A girl goes hunting for a book to read and ends up trapped in a strange world full of crows and were-witches, dog-boys, and a woman who looks just like Cyd Charisse.

Three new strange tales from the author of ‘The Old Maid‘, and ‘The Shorecliff Horror‘. Readers say:

“Fast become one of my favorite writers, especially for weird, literary suspense.”

“I don’t usually read ghost stories but the three stories in this collection were exceptionally good, atmospheric and very well written.”

“Creepy and atmospheric…this small volume is a good read and I’m definitely interested in following up with Woodward’s other weird/strange story collections.”

“I’d certainly read more of this author’s work.”

“The Old Maid … to me reads like Robert Aickman. The story isn’t horrific or scary but there is a palpable feeling of something being off.”

“Woodward has a deft hand at description, narrative, and character-sketching.”

“I very much enjoyed the beautiful writing style.”

“I can recommend anything written by this author.”

“Reminded me of Poe, in a more modern setting.”

“A very gifted author and I’m very happy to have stumbled across him.”

“His stories have a very literary, almost poetic feel.”3


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